20 December 2008

UFO Predators

Greeley Tribune, Greeley, Colorado

Predators ... or UFOs ?

Mutilations - What's the Answer ?


Tribune Staff Writer

The call comes into the sheriff's (Andrew?) office shortly after 8 a.m. on a bright, sunny, summer morning. The caller is a rancher from a remote part of the county. He tells the sheriff or a member of the investigations Department of the sheriff's office that he has just found a cow in a pasture a mile or so away from the home headquarters of the ranch.

The cow, he says, is dead.

Nothing unusual about finding a dead animal on a ranch. While it is not frequent, livestock do die on ranches.

But this cow, the rancher tells the sheriff, has had her udder removed. The anal area of the animal has been bored out and it looks as though her reproductive organs have been removed. The left eye is gone. So is the left ear. The tongue has been neatly severed at the back of the cow's mouth and has been removed.

The cow has been mutilated.

That scene has been repeated thousands of times over the past five to six years in at least 40 states and foreign countries, according to David Perkins, director of Animal Mutilations Probe, based in Farisita, about 20 miles northwest of Walsenburg in southcentral Colorado.

Perkins is one of a handful of private investigators who has devoted countless hours in the investigation of the mysterious circumstances surrounding mutilations. County sheriffs in most States west of the Mississippi River have put in several hundred hours probing the incidents, which usually involve a cow with part or all of the senses organs, i.e., an eye, the tongue, and an ear, as well as the reproductive organs, missing.

Usually, there is no sign of struggle, the body will be void of blood and there will be no blood where the animals have been cut. And there are no tracks around the animal, other than its own.

Predators often don't touch the carcass of the animal, and, in some cases, the carcass seems to decompose much faster than what is normal.

Evidence is scarce.

After an absence of reported mutilations in Weld County for more than three years, five were reported in August and September. Why?

"I think some ranchers will say that there's nothing that can be done about them (the mutilations), so why bother to report them," Andrews said.

The last mutilation Andrews investigated involved a calf near Briggsdale belonging to Roland Ball.

Andrews and Ball said the animal had been dead about 48 hours when it was discovered. A near-perfect circle of hide had been removed from the belly of the animal, but coyotes had eaten part of the carcass.

"But they hadn't touched the area that had been cut away, strange because the wound would have given the predators an easy access into the bowels of the calf. Coyotes and other predators always start tearing at the softest part of a dead animal," Andrews said.

The sheriff took a sampling of the cut area and of a white substance that was discovered on the carcass. Andrews said the cut was examined at the sheriff's department laboratory and a sampling of the white substance was sent to CBI labs in Denver.

"We clipped a piece of the bide out and under examination we found a very definite, smooth cut. We could even tell the difference between that cut and the one we bad made in removing the pine of bide. The CBI study revealed that the white substance was maggot eggs. "They were just about ready to hatch. I had seen a lot of that on dead animals and often wondered what it was. I can buy the CBI report," he said.

But, there are many aspects of mutilation cases he has investigated in Weld that he cannot "buy."

One of the more bizarre incidents, he said, involved a Holstein cow a few years ago.

"When I walked up to the cow I noticed something unusual about it. There were several strips of something that I didn't recognize on the ground near the animal's head. I picked up one of them, which was very thin and looked like a corkscrew. After looking at it for sometime, I realized that it was a strip of skin that had been cut from the cow's nose; you could even see the pores in the skin that cows have on that soft skin of the nose. There were a dozen of those strips, less than one-quarter-of-an-inch wide. The skin from the nose of the Holstein had been neatly removed right at the hair line. When I looked at the strips closely, each of them had been cut very straight, with corners at the end of each strip and every one of them was about the same length. I know damn good and well that a predator is sot capable of doing something like that," Andrews said

The corkscrew effect of the strips, he believed, had been caused by the sun drying them and causing each of the strips to curl up.

Most investigators doubt that predators are capable of performing the precise incisions found on mutilated carcasses.

The latest example of that comes from New Mexico, a state which, according to AMP's Perkins and Tom Adams of Paris, Texas, who heads Project Stigmata, a mutilation research group, has had probably the most mutilations than any of the other estimated 40 states in which they have occurred.

At the height of the wave of mutilations which swept the state, Sen. Harrison "Jack" Schmitt, R-New Mexico, called a multi-state mutilation convention, which was attended by both Perkins and Adams.

Many mutilation investigators offered testimony at the three-day convention in April at Albuquerque, N.M. Perkins and Adams both testified at the conference, but, according to Perkins, the most startling testimony came from Dr. Henry Montheith, engineering physicist at Sandia Labs, a government research area in Sandia. N.M. Monteith, who has investigated mutilations for more than 10 years, cited recent letters from Russia asking for information on mutilations as evidence that Russian scientists had taken an active interest.

Among the more startling disclosures, Perkins said, was Montheith's assertions that "we are dealing with something invisible." The scientist went on to cite case histories he'd gathered at a nnmber of Indian reservations. In one instance be said, "An ordinary Indian had witnessed the descent of a 'spacecraft'." A spaceman dressed in a white spacesuit had floated out of the ship and chased down a jackrabbit, Montheith testified.

In January, Perkins said Montheith claimed that "invisible aliens from space are among us. That's why it's so hard to catch up with them (the mutilators)." He claimed that extraterrestrials were cutting up cows as part of an "environmental testing program," and the results probably gave them "one hell of an idea of our biosphere."

One outcome of the New Mexico conference was a $50,000 government grant to study mutilations. A retired FBI investigator spent not quite a year investigating and determined that animals died of natural causes. Predators were deemed responsible for the disfigurations on the carcasses.

Perkins and Adams disputed the conclusion, suggesting instead that unidentified flying objects are involved.

Adams has compiled a catalog of some 200 mutilation incidents that involved flying objects. Some sightings on Adams' list occurred in northern Colorado.

On the night of Aug. 21, officers from the Logan County Sheriffs Department spent more than five hours chasing unidentified aircraft. The chase began when a helicopter sighting was reported at about 10 p.m. near Stoneham, in extreme eastern Weld.

During the next five hours reports of similar sightings ranged from north of New Raymer, to Merino, Peets, and Kimball and Bushnell, Neb. The sightings finally died out early the morning of Aug. 22 near Carpenter, Wyo.

On Aug. 25, more "helicopter" sightings were reported and a mutilated yearling heifer was discovered in Adams County.

On Sept. 3, the Weld Sheriff's Department received a report of helicopter sightings northeast of Cornish and when officers responded, at least five distinctive aircraft were sighted, with at least two believed to be helicopters.

At approximately the same time, a New Raymer rancher reported seeing a helicopter land in an arroyo on his ranch. The craft was later seen taking off and leaving the area, flying in a northwest direction.

The next morning, Sept. 4, a mutilated heifer was discovered near Brlggsdale, just north of Cornish.

On Sept. 27, a ranch foreman near Grover in the remote area of northeast Weld, saw a strange "light" near the ground in a field of 15 bulls about a mile from his home. He got into his pickup to drive to the field to investigate, but when he turned his truck into the field the "light," which he said was probably a helicopter, rose out of the field and began flying out of the area. About a month earlier, an animal had been mutilated on the ranch, but a search by the rancher and two officers from the Weld Sheriff's Department, revealed that all 15 bulls were still in the field.

But the fact remains, and Investigators such as Adams, Graves in Sterling and Weld's Andrews are quick to point out, that neither a helicopter nor any other type of craft has actually been spotted on the ground beside a freshly mutilated animal.

"I would say that 90 percent of the cattle we find dead in Weld County are not mutilated," Andrews said. "I have seen a riot of strange things in the past few years in this county, including helicopters with no markings whatsoever. But I can't say the occupants inside those helicopters are the ones responsible for the mutilations."

"Those 90 percent that die, die of natural causes and the predators work on them, making them appear to have been mutilated. But there is a distinct difference between those and the ones which have been mutilated; there's just no comparison. A lot of those animals probably die as a result of eating poisonous weeds, particularly young calves in a dry field who eat the weeds to get the moisture out of them," Andrews continued.

When asked why mutilated animals are seldom found during the wintertime, Andrews responded:

"That's strange and I've thought about it. But we've never had a mutilation reported during the winter months and you would think that we'd have more if predators were responsible - they would be hungrier during the winter months due to a lack of mice and other small rodents. I know cattle die during the winter, more so than in the summer months. But none of them have ever been mutilated," he said. There have also been claims that ranchers are cutting up their own animals to report it as a mutilation and then collect insurance.

"I don't believe that," Andrews said. "I gave a talk to a cattle group not long ago and granted, while it was a small crowd, I asked for a show of hands concerning how many of them had insurance on their animals. Not one of them responded. The only insurance I carry is on animals that I truck down the road as show animals and if I had a registered bull I would insure him, because I don't want to run the risk of losing $5,000 or $6,000 on him. But the rancher in this area with just range cattle can't afford to insure them. It just wouldn't be economical because the premiums would be too high. He might have a registered bull in his herd that he might carry some insurance on, but not on his range cattle," Andrews said.

And while 90 percent of the animal deaths in Weld can be explained, Andrews said, "It's the other 10 percent that remain a mystery; I just don't have any answers."

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Ponies Killed by UFO

Mercury, Durban, South Africa

Were These Ponies Killed by UFO Invaders ?

Mercury Correspondent

LONDON - The grisly discovery of 15 dead ponies at a remote Dartmoor (West Country) beauty spot is gripping the attention of the local Unidentified Flying Objects Centre.

It believes Invaders from outer space may he responsible. UFO bunters, armed with Geiger counters, metal detectors and face masks to protect themselves from alien forces, have been out in force on the moors.

Their leader, Mr. John Wyse, said: "We know Iota of strange objects fly over Dartmoor. It seems to us that some. thing frightened these animals and perhaps even killed them. Horses and cattle have been found in America with bones smashed and bodies drained of blood."

The ponies' mutilated carcasses were found close together in a little valley on the heart of the moor, far from the nearest road. Many has crushed bones and cracked ribs. One had a broken neck.

Animal experts arc baffled. Mr. Joanna Vinson, secretary of the Dartmoor Livestock Protection Society, said she kind spent hours disecting the carcasses but could not offer any rational explanation. Neither could the RSPCA.

Nuclear Era

UFO Pony Deaths

Daily News, Durban, South Africa

UFO link with Pony Deaths

London Bureau

LONDON, Friday. Men in masks using metal detectors and a geiger counter yesterday scoured a remote Dartmoor valley in a bid to solve a macabre mystery.

Their search centred on marshy grassland where 15 wild ponies were found dead, their bodies mangled and torn.

All appeared to have died at about the same time and many of their ear had been inexplicably shattered. To add to the riddle their bodies decomposed to skeletons is only 48 hours.

Yesterday's search was carried out by members of the Devon Unidentified Flying Objects centre at Torquay, who are trying to prove a link: with outer space.

They believe flying saucers may have flown low over the area and created a vortex which hurled the ponies to their deaths.

Animal experts confer they are baffled.

John P. sac, head of the four-man team said: "If a spacecraft has been in the vicinity there may still be detectable evidence.

"We wanted to see It there was any sign that the ponies had been shot, but we found nothing. The incident bears an uncanny resemblance to similar events reported I n America

"There have been strange cases of animals found dead with bones smashed or their bodies drained of blood."

A spokesman for the local livestock protection society said: "We have spent many hours dissecting and examining what was left of the carcases. The ponies had broken bones and torn arteries.

"Whatever happened was fairly violent. We are keeping an open mind. We are fascinated by the UFO theory:"

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Mangled by UFO's

Amarillo Globe-News, Amarillo, Texas

Cattle mangled by UFO's ?

About the same time law enforcement officers in the Hereford area were trying to find how cattle were being mutilated last summer, several head of cattle were found in the same condition in Northern New Mexico.

Since then:

Three persons in New Mexico have come up with evidence that they claim shows flying saucers might be involved.

Apache Indians in the area near Taos are "hopping mad" because their cattle were among those mutilated.

The sheriff at Hereford, when asked about UFO connections to the mutilations in his county, quipped that whoever mans the UFO "must not be all bad" it they like beef.

Federal and state agencies have officially taken a "hands-off" approach to reports that the New Mexico mutilations and UFO sightings are connected. But a former government scientist, a New Mexico State Police officer, and a private scientist say they are going to continue their "unofficial" investigation into the incidents.

The three men are cooperating in the research of a possible connection between metallic, organic material found on cattle in a remote, mutilation-prone area northwest of Taos and powder scooped up by persons who claim they saw a UFO just outside of Taos last July.

The New Mexico incident was made public this week when tests by a private Albuquerque laboratory showed the material on the cattle hides and the material found near the reported UFO sightings were almost identical.

The analysis was conducted by Bob Schoenfeld of Schoenfeld Clinical Laboratories in Albuquerque.

The tests were run on a request from Howard Burgess of Taos, a retired Sandia Laboratory scientist who has been investigating reported cattle mutilations and UFO sightings in northern New Mexico for several years.

Burgess said he first discovered the metallic substance oh the cattle on the night of July 5.

A rash of cattle mutilations prompted Burgess to conduct ultraviolet light tests on a herd of cattle from the Manuel Gomez ranch near Dulce, on the Apache Indian reservation.

Manuel Gomez's son, Edmond, told the Globe-News last night that his father has lost between 15 and 20 cows, calves and bulls to mutilations. He said he has heard of no more mutilations in the area since the wave of reports last summer.

The mutilations in northern New Mexico occurred at the same time a similar "mutilation epidemic" was under investigation in the Hereford area.

The cattle mutilations in New Mexico, like those in the Hereford area, were reported to authorities in the span of a few weeks last summer.

Since then, reports of mutilations to authorities in both areas have all but ceased.

Deaf Smith County Sheriff Travis McPherson of Hereford said the only recent mutilation he is aware of occurred last Saturday on a ranch about 22 miles north of Hereford.

In the latest mutilation, as in those In both Hereford and New Mexico last summer, the mutilators cut away sexual organs of the carcass, McPherson said.

Texas and New Mexico ranchers reported that udders, rectums, tongues, ears, testicles, and sometimes tails were cut away with what appeared to be a very sharp and precise Instrument.

Gomez said whole reproductive tracts were missing from some of his animals.

McPherson said there were no reported UFO sightings at the time of the mutilations last summer, but he saw "If those UFO's have got a taste for beef, they must not be all bad."

Burgess said he has no doubt the Taos residents saw something in the sky last July, about four days before his ultraviolet test of Gomez's cattle, but he said he is not making any guesses or offering any theories on a connection to the mutilations.

"We went out and talked to each witness separately." Burgess told the Globe-News, "and each story checked out. The whole neighborhood saw the UFO."

But Burgess said the people were "too scared" to report the sighting last July and only recently went to authorities with their story.

When they went, Burgess said, they took a fruit jar full of a powdery substance one of them scooped off the windshield of a truck parked beneath the UFO.

He said the residents saw a gray, slivery substance floating down after the UF0 disappeared and that "fortunately, one of them had the presence of mind to gather some up in a fruit jar."

When Burgess and State Police Trooper Gabe Valdez heard of the strange powder, they immediately thought of the substance on the cow hides they had examined last July.

They received permission to borrow the Taos sample, for another analysis and took it to Schoenfeld in Albuquerque.

Schoenfeld told the Globe-News that the substance he tested was of the same chemical composition as the substance on the cow hides he analyzed earlier.

He said the material he tested was similar to "slivers or chips of gray paint" and that It contained an "extremely high" amount of potassium and magnesium.

He said the substances were "fairly ubiquitous around the world" but the potassium content was about 70 times more than the normal amount for earth samples in the Taos area.

A test under a mass spectrometer revealed the substance was similar to Teflon material in its composition.

Schoenfeld said the samples from Taos and the samples from the cow hides both proved to be organic matter, "as opposed to a metal compound such as used on aircraft."

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Local Scene

Gazette Telegraph

The Logan County UFO

Bill Jackson, reporter for the Sterling Journal-Advocate, took these pictures for the Gazette Telegraph during December, January and February. He used a Pentax Honeywell SP1000 camera and Kodak 2475 high speed film with 1250mm and 260mm lenses with various time exposures.

Above right : Big Mama creates a double streak while her babies create single lines as they move away from the area.

Above left : the UFO appears as an elongated light in a 15-30 minute time exposure.

Left : a pinwheel effect showing the UFO's motion.

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Fair and Square

Ranchland News

*The LARGEST rural weekly in ALL of Elbert County and ALL of eastern El Paso County*

Phantom surgeons strike again

Sheriff Yarnell disputes CBI reports

by Monty Gaddy

Jim Trembly takes a look at an apparently mutilated cow he discovered in a grove of trees last Saturday on the Gertsch place.

No one knows who they are, where they come from, how they did it or why. But the phantom surgeons of the plains, the mysterious mutilators of livestock, have struck again. The latest incident reported to Ranchland News occurred at the old Clifford Gertsch place, located 19 miles south of Matheson.

Jim and Billie Trembly, caretakers of the property where Gertsch runs 75 head of cattle, discovered the apparent mutilation Saturday afternoon. A 5-year-old cow, weighing over 1,000 pounds, was found lying in a grove of trees about 100 yards south of the abandoned Gertsch house. Mr. Trembly estimated the cow had been dead for two days when he found it.

A circular cut about eight inches in diameter had been made around the animal's rectum, and another oblong piece of hide about six inches in length was removed from the udder area. The areas appeared to have been cut away with surgical expertise. No blood had dripped from the animal onto the sandy soil, and no footprints or unusual markings were found in the area. The meat appeared to be untouched.

Besides the classic clues pointing to a mutilation, the animal had several other unusual features. There was a substance slowly oozing from the animal's nose. "I've never heard anyone say anything about oozing from the nose in any of the mutilations I've read about," Mrs. Trembly said.

Even more peculiar was an unexplainable spot on the cow's belly where the hair had been rubbed off. Additionally, there were marks directly in front of both the left and right rear legs. Judging from the marks, it appears some sort of claw device must have pinched the hide with such intensity as to break the skin and cause bruises. Tremblys said they suspect the animal was airlifted and dropped at the point where they made the discovery.

Tremblys called the Elbert County Sheriffs office shortly after finding the dead animal Saturday afternoon. Deputy Dave Dolan of Simla was promptly dispatched to the scene. He said it was the first reported mutilation he had investigated, and was unable to draw any specific conclusions because the animal had been dead several days. "With it being several days old and already bloated, there isn't a whole lot we can do with it," Deputy Dolan said.

Years ago, in the summer, numerous mutilations were reported in Elbert and El Paso Counties. In December, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation reported of the 203 suspected cases of cattle mutilations it investigated, only 11 could definitely be attributed to something other than predators. The rest, the CBI said, were caused by predators.

Not all the cases were reported to the CBI, however. And many more ranchers didn't, and still don't, report mutilations even to their own sheriff's department.

In an exclusive interview last week with Ranchland News, Elbert County Sheriff George Yarnell said he disputes at least some of the CBI findings.

As part of his investigation into reported mutilations, Yarnell said he was instructed by the CBI to cut pieces of hide from around the mutilated area. He was told to put notches in the side he cut out, and send it in so the CBI could examine the non-notched (or mutilated) edge. "If the root hairs are cut, you know it was done with a knife," he explained.

Yarnell said he became frustrated with the CBI's 'predator caused' reports, stating, "Dang it, I was just pretty sure with my naked eye that some of them weren't (predator caused). But I'd just know what the results would be...'done by predators'! So one time I just reversed it (the notches). I got the same results."

In other words, the CBI examined the edge of the hide Yarnell cut out with his knife, and came back with a report that the cut was done by predators. "The side they said was cut by predators was absolutely the side I cut," Yarnell revealed. "I had 'em fair and square on that one."

Yarnell said he was infuriated when he received the report, and went up to CBI headquarters to talk to Carl Whiteside, who was the chief officer assigned to the mutilation investigation. "He went back to the lobby and some guy came out and they 'hemhawed' around, and I was so damned disgusted I just walked out," Yarnell said.

In a Tuesday afternoon telephone interview with Ranchland News CBI director Carl Whiteside said, concerning the above incident, "I have no way to refute that. It was obviously an oversight in our lab." He insisted each tissue sample received at the CBI lab was analyzed, however.

Whiteside said the CBI became involved in the mutilation investigation at the direction of the governor in the summer. Their investigation ended in December, Whiteside said.

Asked if he thinks the CBI was .coerced into blaming the mutilations on predators, Yarnell responded, "That I don't know. I didn't waste much time up there."

Yarnell said it's possible the CBI blamed the mutilations on predators to 'save face', and keep from admitting they were unable to solve the mystery.

Nuclear Era

Cow Killers


Are cow killers from outer space ?

(Editor's note: This Is the third in a series of articles on cattle mutilations In western states. Today's article deals with alleged UFOs and their possible connection with the the mutilations.)

By VERNA SLANE Observer Staff Writer

"It was Thursday night (Aug. 18). We were watching the special an TV," said a Grande Ronde Valley resident who asked to remain anonymous.

"About 10:35 there was some interference on the TV, and I got up to adjust the set. I turned and looked out the window and there was this round light; this bright, white light in the sky. It stayed exactly in the same place over the area at the upper end of 12th St."

"We watched it from the porch for a while, and It faded away. About 10 minutes later It reappeared, this time looking somewhat oval as though It had turned a little on its side."

Could this alleged UFO sighting have anything to do with the mutilation killing of the Rayburn heifer five days earlier?

Nancy Rayburn, in her report of, the heifer killing, had said, "The cows were `spooked'. They wouldn't let us get even close to them. They had torn out a large section of the fence and were scattered into the neighboring field."

The land is flat pasture, yet one calf belonging to the Rayburn herd has still not been found.

The Observer called the UFO Reporting Center in Seattle.

"I have one report which might be connected with cattle mutilations," said Robert Gribble. "It happened in March. There was a report of strange, white lights on a hill east of Everett. Wash. It was established that there was a landing there of some kind."

That same night, but several miles away, the report said, a steer was mutilated. It was discovered the next day.

A veterinarian who checked the carcass said it was definitely not predators and, he said, he could not duplicate the mutilation with any instruments he knows of.

In Logan County, Colo., Sheriff Tex Graves reports that approximately 50 per cent of the 73 documented, mutilations in that area were accompanied by UFO sightings.

"We have seen lights." he said, "with small ones coming out. They do their dirty work and return. We've watched them off and on for two years and have photographs."

In Union County, N.M., Deputy Leroy Howard investigated the death of a steer belonging to Forest Atchley. He said Atchley's brother had seen a bright light in the sky about 5 a.m. They found the steer about noon the same day. It had been mutilated, Howard said

Fritz Thompson, reporter for. the Albuquerque Journal, who Is investigating mutilations to Colorado and New Mexico, suggested The Observer might like to talk to Gabe Valdez, New Mexico State Police resident officer at Dulce.

The killing Valdez investigated occurred June 14. He said a rancher drove in to see him that afternoon.

"Something strange has happened to my cow," the rancher told Valdez.

Valdez drove out the next morning, arriving about 6 a.m., he said. The cow had been mutilated In much the same manner as the Rayburn cow, with removal of the left ear, the tongue and lower lip, the teats, rectum and vagina.

But, unlike other cases that have been reported, Valdez found tracks.

"The object landed on tripods," he said. "The imprints made by the landing were six feet by five feet by five and one-half feet apart. The pod prints were 14 inches across."

From the left side of the object, Valdez said. a smaller tripod object had emerged with suction cup type pods 28 by 28 by 28 inches. Grass in these tracks was dead.

Valdez said they showed the smaller object chased the cow about 400 feet, did its work, and went back.

But, Valdez said, the object had landed twice. There were tracks, he said, on top of the tracks made by the rancher's truck when he discovered the cow.

Nuclear Era

16 December 2008

Coyote Dentist

Gazette Telegraph Front Page, Colorado Springs, Colorado

If Coyote Mutilates,
It Has Dental Skills


GT Staff Writer

"There's a coyote in northeastern Colorado wearing a necklace made from cow's teeth!" said Sheriff Harry L. "Tex" Graves Wednesday after investigating Logan County's 50th confirmed cattle mutilation.

"On the other hand, maybe he collected the teeth to take back to his dentistry class," the sheriff pointed out.

His comments were aimed directly at the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI), which feels that with few exceptions the mutilated animals it has examined in its laboratory were caused by predators, not humans.

Lines of communication are also down between Colorado's county law enforcement officials and ranchers and School of Veterinary Medicine at Fort Collins whose officials side with the CBI where animal mutilations are concerned. County lawmen and ranchers interviewed by the Gazette Telegraph feel they've gotten the runaround by both agencies.

From past performance, Graves feels that it's likely the CBI and lab officials at Fort Collins would report back that Logan County's latest mutilation, confirmed by Graves, was the work of predators, even though he found that all its teeth had been cut out with surgical precision and were nowhere to be found.

"We've had two previous mutilations where one or two teeth have been pulled, but we found them in the animal's mouth," Graves said. "On this one, all the teeth had been cut out with a sharp instrument and we couldn't find them anywhere."

Otherwise, the animal, dead since last Saturday or early Sunday, he said, had been mutilated in what has become a classic manner.

Found approximately eight miles southwest of Sterling, it was a full grown hereford heifer. Surgically removed was an eye, an ear, the tongue, udder and rectal area. The lower jaw had been skinned.

There were also interesting aspects to the county's 49th mutilation which Graves investigated and confirmed last Monday.

This one was a 3 to 4 year old bull weighing approximately 1,800 pounds found 30 miles northeast of Sterling. Its head and half of its body were submerged in a stream that ran through a pasture.

The animal, the sheriff said, had been cut with precision.

Gone were an eye, an ear, the tongue, testicles and rectum area.

There were no signs that the animal had been mutilated elsewhere and dragged into the water, Graves said. The only tracks found in the mud around the stream were animal's own.

"It's awful hard for a predator to meet up an animal like that unless he breathes through his ears or wears a snorkel," the sheriff commented.

Logan County's 46th confirmed mutilation investigated July 2 also had an interesting aspect, different from the hundreds of other mutilations reported in recent years in some 21 states.

The animal's left ear, eye and tongue were taken, the entire under belly was skinned and the rectal area had been bored. It appeared, the sheriff said, that all sex organs had been taken.

"There was indication that at least part of the operation had been done while the animal was alive and standing, since dried blood was on the back of both its hind legs," Graves said. "No blood, however, was in the heifer."


He secures the teeth with the knife he carries

Nuclear Era

Death of DEER

The Idaho Statesman, Boise, Idaho

Death of Deer Near Idaho City
Resembles Mutilations of Cattle

Without any signs of blood, cause of death or drag marks, a field-dressed deer was found this weekend east of Idaho City by a Boise couple.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred "Scottie" Johnson, of 915 Krall, were camping at a site about 17 miles east of Idaho City in the Rabbit Creek area when they reported finding a dead deer laying flat on its back with the entrails cleanly removed.

At first glance, the incident appears to be similar to the bizarre killings of the six cattle near Council, Johnson said. As was the case with this deer, no signs of blood or death wounds were present.

However, circumstances surrounding the deaths are different. The cattle were untouched except for the removal of the tongues, sexual organs and udders, but the deer's entrails had been removed entirely and the tongue had not been cut out, according to Johnson.

"It was a professional job," said Johnson, who added the breast bone of the deer was cleanly cut with a very sharp knife.

Johnson said he has hunted deer for many years and described the deer as "about a two-year-old doe." He examined the deer for cause of death and found no bullet holes or other wounds.

Earlier in the day, Mrs. Johnson saw a man walk by their camper coming from the direction where they found the deer, Johnson said.

"About 3:30 that afternoon, we were taking a nap in the camper," Johnson said. His wife awakened and "saw a guy walking down the draw carrying a plastic bag," he said. She did not see what was in the bag, however, he said. "We didn't pay much attention to it."

"We didn't see anyone go up. Why would he go up there?" Johnson asked. Mrs. Johnson said the man wore nothing out of the ordinary; a young fellow, but not a hippie, she said.

There are a lot of deer in that area and often come to two salt licks near the camp, Johnson said. The Johnsons found no other dead deer.

"It was just a terrible thing. We couldn't stand it so we came home early," he said.

* * *

Three Cows Found Dead
In Cascade Reservoir

CASCADE - Three dead cattle were found floating in Cascade Reservoir halfway between Tamarack and the West Mountain Lodge Sunday afternoon, the Valley County sheriff reported.

During the past three weeks, six cattle have been found mutilated near Council. However Sunday's incident was in no way connected to the previous cattle killings, Sheriff Darold Lynskey said.

He said an autopsy was being performed on the cattle to determine the exact cause of death. The cattle had not been shot nor were there any signs that they had been driven into the water and died there, he said.

The three cows were part of a large herd grazing in a pasture on the west side of Cascade Reservoir, the sheriff said. All the cattle were grazing near the water and "some were still doing so," he said.

"It may have been a poisoned weed or grass." The cause of death will not be known until after the autopsy is completed, Lynskey said.

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Big Mama and Baby

"Big Mama and Baby UFO" time exposures with 1250mm lens,

by Sterling Journal-Advocate reporter Bill Jackson.

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Ranchers Arming

Colorado Springs Sun, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Cattle mutilations... ranchers arming themselves

DENVER (UPI) - There have been more than 150 cases of cattle mutilation in Colorado this year and at least 11 other states have reported grotesque attacks on livestock.

If something isn't done quickly to end the bizarre slaughter, a Colorado legislator warns, someone may get hurt by aroused ranchers.

In many cases, the sexual organs have been neatly removed. As a result, Satanic cults and space creatures have been blamed, as well as predators such as the fox or buzzard.

Other states reporting incidents are Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Idaho, Wyoming. Oregon, South Dakota, Montana and Minnesota. Officials in Texas and South Dakota, however, do not say the mutilations were done by humans.

"Ranchers and other residents in these areas are understandably upset," said Sen. Floyd Haskell. D-Colo. "It now appears that ranchers are arming themselves to protect their stock and their families. Clearly something must be done before someone gets hurt."

For one investigator, there is no doubt humans are responsible for many of the mutilations. Another blames the outbreak on persons hoping to give the government a hard time.

Dr. A.E. McChesney, a veterinarian at Colorado State University, said the majority of the 16 animals he checked were definitely victims of human mutilation.

"There is no question but that there has been willful mutilation on many of these," McChesney said. Obviously, predators have been involved, too, but you can't hide a knife wound very well."

David L. Waldron, Utah deputy agriculture commissioner, blamed the incidents on a cult bent on protesting federal government policies.

"Some think it's being done by people other than from this planet," Waldron said. "Of course, I don't buy that myself at all.

"I think there's a group of people - call them a cult if we want to. I think we've just got some people just the same as the Manson gang or the Symbionese Liberation Army. They just think this is the way to get their feelings across to the government."

But Dr. Herman Hancock of the University of Wyoming Veterinary Laboratory said natural predators may be responsible for many of the cases. A fox and go down a cow's mouth and remove its tongue." Hancock said "They even sometimes pluck out the eyes."

Keith Perkins, a rancher outside Murtaugh, Idaho, said a mare was mutilated less than a quarter-mile from his house, but he "never saw nothing nor heard nothing." He said "they needed sophisticated equipment to do this work."

Carl Whiteside, a Colorado Bureau of Investigation agent heading the state mutilation study, said he had been unable to determine how or why the mutilations were being done.

A large number of mutilations occurred in Texas last year, but Texas Rangers and Texas Cattleraisers Association investigators finally decided bad weather caused an unusual number of range deaths and predators removed the sex organs from cows. Veterinarians from Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory said predators are attracted to a carcass' softer areas and can make cuts as cleanly as a knife.

Even earlier mutilations in the Midwest prompted claims on television that the deaths were caused by extraterrestial beings. In South Dakota a months-long investigation and promise of rewards turned up nothing and the mutilations eventually lessened.

Often there are no tracks around the carcasses, leading some to believe the culprits arrive by helicopter.

The situation became so volatile in Colorado earlier this year that a federal agency planning to make aerial surveys from a helicopter asked farmers and ranchers not to fire on the aircraft. The Colorado Air National Guard is using its training flights to look for suspicious activity.

To stop the problem in Colorado, a reward of $11,000 has been offered by cattle groups for the arrest and conviction of persons responsible.

Donald Ostensoe, executive secretary of the Oregon Cattlemen's Association, said his organization is offering a $1,000 reward. The first case in that state was reported in July and there have been at least 25 since then, with the loss estimated at $10,000.

H.L. "Tex" Graves, Logan County sheriff from Sterling, Colo., said he, and several other officers trailed a suspicious, helicopter into Western Nebraska earlier this year before it disappeared. He said theories on those responsible for the mutilations ranged from Satanic worshipers to unidentified flying objects.

"You can let your imagination run wild," Graves said, "You pick one and you could be just as right as anybody else."

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Colorado UFO's

Gazette Telegraph, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Do UFOs Fly In Colorado ?


A baby UFO and its "Big Mama", a soundless, illusive flying object, have become the focal points in Logan County for a devoted audience of nighttime viewers.

Those monitoring the strange objects since their appearance in northeastern Colorado in late November include the Logan County Sheriff's Department, which views them as a new dimension of its investigation into cattle mutilations.

The unexplainable deaths and confirmed mutilation of 72 cattle in the county since August prompted Sheriff Harry L. "Tex" Graves to pursue every possible lead that may result in uncovering those responsible for the senseless slaughter.

Reports of strange lights over Logan county began coming into Graves' office toward the end of November, about the time he found peculiar "pot marks" he attributed to "possibly an unknown type of aircraft" near the scenes of mutilations.

"These were the same type of tracks found by lawmen last September near the site of an animal mutilation in New Mexico," he said.

Big Mama, which can change shape and color, has been observed by numerous residents of the county, according to reports in the sheriff's office. Those who have frequently observed her include Undersheriff

Jerry Wolover, chief deputy Tom Bohannan, deputies Bo Stone and Gary Cure; Bill Jackson, news reporter for the Stirling Journal-Advocate; and Jake Gronseth, news director for Radio Station KGEK in Sterling. All agree they've seen the following:

Big Mama can be likened to a pencil eraser and her little one to the size of a pin head in comparison. You can be looking at the stars and five minutes later Big Mama will be there. If she's close or low in the sky you can see one large white light underneath with red and green lights on either side of it. At a distance the lights flash white, turn green, then red, like one revolving colored light. For the most part, she just hovers.

Suddenly a stream of light bounces from beneath the large craft and the baby UFO with a single brilliant light comes from Big Mama and starts to move off slowly. As though it has kicked in an after burner, it then moves out of sight rapidly. Mama just sits there for a time, then either disappears or turns out her lights.

None of the viewers have heard either craft make a sound and no one has reported seeing the little craft go back in the big one or even rejoin it.

Graves, who exchanges information with law enforcement officials in 20 other states where cattle mutilations have occurred during past years, recently received information concerning Big Mama and her baby from Capt. Keith Wolverton of the Cascade County Sheriff's Department in Great Falls, Mont. Wolverton also has conducted an intensive investigation into all leads concerning cattle mutilation.

"He watched Big Mama on radar, just hanging there at 21,000 feet, and in 3.5 seconds she had moved to 44,000 feet," Graves said. "We know of no chopper in the United States that has this much speed. The fastest one is the Cheyenne, which has a top speed of 290 miles an hour."

The lights of Big Mama are brilliant and hover in the sky from half an hour to an hour.

"If you look lower in the sky you can sometimes see from two to five of them," he said. "Suddenly, they'll all join in a group and disappear."

According to Jackson: "The undersheriff and I watched Big Mama one night when she was really bright. The light went to a pinpoint, then got larger and brighter. After awhile she wasn't there. She either turned off her lights or moved out."

Jackson and Undersheriff Jerry Wolever, who is accumulating hours toward his private pilot's license, have taken a number of night flights after spotting Big Mama in the sky in an effort to get closer to her.

"We flew up to 10,000 feet and she was further away from us than when we started," Wolever said. "We can never get close to her because she plays games. She always paces us, just so far away, or disappears altogether."

In an effort to bring her into closer range, they used infrared binoculars and star scopes.

"One night when she was considerably closer than usual we were on the ground and looked at her through a 60 power zoom telescope," Wolever said. "We could see her change shape and color. At first she was a round shape, then we lost her for 15 minutes. When she appeared again she was a rectangular shape like a pear or a tear drop. The color of the entire thing turned from white to a red, then to green and back to white again."

The first instance of unexplainable "pot marks" noted by Graves near two mutilated cattle were five feet apart, forming a triangular pattern. They were seven inches across and 2.5 inches deep and looked as though made by a round bottom plate. There was no prop wash and no burn marks that might come from a conventional aircraft.

In the second occurrence of the marks they were too numerous to determine a pattern since they were found north, east and west of the animal's body, spreading out to an area as far as 50 feet from it.

The sheriff returned two days later and discovered a new set of similar tracks that hadn't been there when he first investigated the mutilation. These were three circular shaped indentations in the ground which formed a triangle with the sides of the triangle about 13 inches apart.

In all instances of the peculiar tracks, he said, reports of strange lights in the sky had been reported the night before the mutilated animals were discovered.

Another unexplainable circumstance in conjunction with a n earlier mutilation, the sheriff said, involved strange skid marks that looked as though somebody had dragged a bag of feed over the grass approximately 50 feet from the animal.

One of the more mysterious incidents reported to the sheriff involved three cattle mutilations during the first week of August in the same feed lot seven miles southwest of Sterling.

On successive nights three animals died and were disfigured with no clues left behind. Two of the ranch's cowhands decided they'd stake out the feedlot for the next two nights, sitting on the grain elevator.

The second night about 4 a.m. the feedlot was well lit and there was plenty of lightning when they saw three "human-like figures" go over the feedlot fence, they told the sheriff later adding that the figures didn't move like humans; they seemed to glide. They called the sheriff's office and within six minutes two cars of officers were there, but the "figures" were nowhere to be found, although there were no cars in the area they could have escaped in.

So far, no cattle mutilations have been reported in Logan County this year, according to the sheriff who finds that the incidences slacken off during colder weather.

"On the other hand, there could be mutilated animals lying out there," he said. "Maybe their owners just haven't found them yet."

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13 December 2008

Dead Horse Riddle

The Pueblo Chieftain, Pueblo, Colorado


Dead Horse Riddle Sparks UFO Buffs


ALAMOSA (C-SJ)-The death of a horse in the San Luis Valley during early September appeared Friday to have sparked a renewed interest in unidentifled flying objects throughout the West.

In Houston, Tex., a group of UFO enthusiasts left Friday night for the San Luis Valley to inspect the dead horse and also to investigate many reported UFO sightings in the valley.

A Texas radio station reported a flood of calls Friday morning after broadcasting the story of the bizarre death of the Appaloosa owned by Mr. and Mrs. Berle Lewis of Alamosa.

The horse was found dead Sept. 9. The flesh and hide were stripped from the neck and skull leaving the remainder of the body intact. High levels of radiation also were reported in the area of the animal's body.

See "Something"

Lewis, the owner of the horse, said that increased sightings of UFOs in the area have been noted during the past six weeks. "We see something - I won't say what it is - every night."

In the Houston area at 6:08 p m. Friday, UFO seekers said they spotted two high-flying cigar - shaped objects - each about half the size of a football field - on a course "plotted" to take them over the Southern Colorado area.

In Boulder, James Wadsworth, research Investigator for the University of Colorado UFO project, said an investigator will go to the San Luis- Valley this weekend to investigate the horse's death.

Mrs. Charles Blundell, wife of the maintenance crew foreman at the Great Sand Dunes National Monument, Friday said the latest sightings brought back to her mind a curious incident.

Mrs. Blundell said she saw a crescent-shaped object over the Sand Dunes last December. Later she painted a picture of what she had seen.

"Peculiar Man"

During the past summer, a "peculiar man" approached her and asked to buy the painting. She said she did not want to sell, but did set an exorbitant price on the painting. She said the man, who said he was "not of your world," told her he would return in October to buy the painting. He has not returned.

The UFO seen by Mrs. Blundell glowed brightly. It also was seen by her daughter, Terri, 14, and neighbors. Mrs. Blundell says she does not believe in flying saucers and believes there is a logical explanation.

Similar Sighting

A week ago, scientists at the National Atmospheric Research Center near Palestine, Tex., reported seeing a crescent-shaped object in the sky, much like the object described by Mrs. Blundell.

Texas observers also have reported a sharp increase in sightings of UFOs in the area during the past two weeks.

One thing is certain in Southern Colorado. Saucers may or may not exist, but people are seeing something.

Snippy the Appaloosa is dead, and the circumstances surrounding his death are far from clear.

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